3rd Project Plenary Meeting – act / plan / do / check ♻

3rd Project Plenary Meeting – act / plan / do / check ♻

These are the key aspects of the successful project, but in addition to this – a great collaboration between the project partners is essential.

We are happy to share that it has been a fruitful two-day meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus on 12-13 December 2023 where Consortium partners had a chance to hold technical workshops, present the progress and share valuable findings such as:

  • Requirements of Green Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (GPM) and applicable digitalization methods;
  • Fate and amount of the target analytes their state-of-the-art production;
  • Environmental monitoring campaigns design in Greece and Italy;
  • Design and specifications of the novel sensors: the Wastewater Spectroscopic Analyser, the on/in-line Liquid Monitoring Analyser, the Surface Inspection Analyser);
  • New process strategies for the reduced consumption of chemicals;
  • Interesting presentations of experimental data ;
  • Progress in testing benchtop sensing configurations;
  • Further steps such as identification of potential metabolites, design and fabrication of mid-IR laser source, laboratory setup for transducer screening;
  • Review literature on pharmaceuticals’ Life Cycle Assessment (LCA);
  • Presentation of LCA Methodology;
  • Communication and dissemination activities.


The next Project Plenary Meeting is planned to be held in June 2024.

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